Tuesday, 30 September 2014

"Small Business: Collaboration is Key" with Tina Boden Inspire Series 7th Oct

Small Business Saturday exists to support, inspire and promote small businesses on 6th December and beyond. This October Small Business Saturday is kicking off its fantastic new ‘Inspire Series’. The series will see a number of brilliant entrepreneurs and figures in the world of small business give talks and workshops to existing and aspiring small businesses & entrepreneurs for free. The series will be structured to have a workshop and participatory feel with live streaming and Twitter Q&As. 

On 7th October at Leeds Central Library (6 - 7pm), Small Business Saturday has invited Tina Boden of Enterprise Rockers to kick off the series with "Small Business: Collaboration is Key"

"If you have watched the Toy Story movie you may remember the scene where Woody encourages the toys to find a ‘Moving Buddy’ so they do not get left behind; if you are running a business single handedly, or even if you employ a small number of people, then Tina Boden encourages you to follow Woody’s advice and get yourself a ‘Small Business Buddy’."
Tina Boden will present a 45 minute session which will see her setting out the importance of micro and small business owners collaborating with other small business owners to develop their offer. Tina, a Small Business Saturday Ambassador, will share why she believes the ‘Power of Plenty’ is much stronger than one lone voice in the darkness while emphasising the importance of retaining your own business identity throughout any collaboration.
During this presentation you will also find out why collaborating with your customers is the most cost effective form of marketing when your are an independent business. There will be a 15 minute Question and Answer session with Tina following the presentation where you will be able to ask Tina your small business questions – she has a lot of experience to share.
To secure your spot to hear Tina speak as part of Small Business Saturday's fantastic new Inspire series, email comms@smallbusinesssaturdayuk.com. First come, first served!