Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Emily Cummins speaker at the next inventors group

Just to let you all know that the speaker at next week's meeting - 21st October - will be Emily Cummins who, among other things has won the Sustainable Design Award at the 2009 Women of the Year Awards, Female Innovator of the Year 2007, Technology Woman of the Future 2006 and Cosmopolitan's Ultimate Woman of the Year...

Prize for electricity-free fridge

Emily's gap-year trip to Namibia meant she could improve her prototype fridge
A 22-year-old Leeds student has been named one of the Women of the Year after inventing a "sustainable" more at

Leeds Inventors Group
A great opportunity to mix with other inventors and get advice from people involved in the business of protecting and exploiting new ideas and products. An invited speaker attends each monthly meeting. Open to all. Free admission.

Next meeting: Wedsnesday 21st Oct 2009 6pm-7.45pm

Where: Leeds Central Library, third floor meeting room.

Speaker: Emily Cummins, inventor of the fridge for Africa

Central LibraryCalverley Street,Leeds,LS1 3AB
Ring (0113) 2478266 to book your place
For further information tel 0113 2478266 or email