Monday, 17 August 2009

Europe Direct Leeds

Information about our partner organisation

About Europe Direct

Europe Direct Leeds is part of a network of 16 centres in the UK, 500 across Europe which aim to act as an interface between the EU and its citizens at local level.We can help with general questions on every aspect of Europe and can put you in touch with relevant specialist services if required.We have leaflets, brochures and materials to take away about the European Union’s activities and policies. We also organise events and activities to make the public aware of the EU.
The Information Service can help with any of the following enquiries.
EU facts and figures
Travelling, studying and working or retiring in European Union (EU) countries
How the EU works
How EU decisions affect the UK
Information on funding opportunities and signposting to other organisations who can help (see our links)
Free publications, brochures and guides on all aspects of the EU
Bulk ordering of publications e.g. for schools
Freephone access to the Europe Direct call centre on 00 800 6789 10 11
Free internet access in the library gives you easy access to EU websites
European Policies and programmes
European legislation and directives