Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Our Guide to Electronic Resources for Businesses

Business Advice & Start Up Information:

COBRA - Complete Business Reference Adviser. An essential reference tool for both start ups and established businesses, Cobra provides access to fact sheets covering more than 700 start up businesses, fact sheets providing guidance on running and managing a small business, market research and local area profiles.

Accessible from home or library via a library card number - go to

Directors Briefings and Start up Briefings
Wide range of guides for both business start ups and established businesses. Topics include finance, marketing, premises and business law.

Full set of fact sheets available via

CCH Business Focus
Provides 100 highly detailed profiles, providing information on all areas relevant to business start up. Areas covered include details of start up costs, trade specific legislation, licensing requirements and much more.

Company Information Mailing Lists:

MINT – published by Bureau Van Dijk

Mint gives information on 2.6 million companies throughout the UK, including all active companies plus 600,000 unincorporated businesses. MINT can be easily tailored to your research needs, providing access to lists compiled from a range of search criteria such as post codes, financial data, incorporation date, trading address and industry.

FAME – published by Bureau Van Dijk
Fame supplies in-depth financial information on 1.3 million companies plus summaries for a further 1 million companies. Reports include credit checks, directors details, mergers and acquisitions, stock data and company overviews.

Key British Enterprises – published by Dun and Bradstreet
Key British Enterprises provides access to around 500,000 companies. It is particularly useful for customers requiring a large number of companies with telephone/ fax numbers.

Kompass Worldwide
Kompass provides details of 2.4 million industrial and manufacturing companies globally. This database has the most comprehensive product listings of all of our databases, enabling businesses to source suppliers of specific and obscure products. Detailed product and service information, heads of departments and some e-mail addresses are provided for most companies.

Market Research:

Key Note Reports
Access to 700+ reports in more than 30 industry sectors. Key Note reports provide invaluable information on consumer behaviour, competitor analysis, and market forecasts.

Mintel Reports
Mintel reports provide in-depth market analysis covering an extensive range of consumer and lifestyle markets. The following collections are available to view only within the Information Centre:
Market Intelligence, Leisure Intelligence, Retail Intelligence and Financial Standard plus.

Marketline - published by Datamonitor
Includes detailed company information for 10,000 companies in the UK and overseas, 2,000 industry profiles, 50 plus country profiles and news reports. Covers automotive & logistics, consumer markets, energy & utilities, financial services, health care and technology sectors.

Business News & Journals:

Business and Company ASAP
Provides access to a wide range of business, management, trade and industry journals.
Ability to search within individual titles and across many titles simultaneously. company profiles available for UK and US companies with links to relevant articles.

Infotrac Custom Journals
journals from a wide range of subject areas including a collection of business and industry titles for instance Caterer and Hotel keeper, Computer Weekly and Marketing.

NewsUK - accessible via Know UK
Instant access to both current and historic news from both national newspapers and an extensive range of local newspapers. Accessible from home with a library card number - go to

British Standards

Full text British Standards available for consultation. Accessible from home & library with a library card number - go to

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